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Joie de Vivre brings freelance floral design to your Northshore or New Orleans event. We meet, discuss your vision and collaborate to make your floral idea a reality. Having just moved home to Louisiana, Covington is now the place we call home. Prior to our move, we've celebrated many weddings and events at the Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course and other wonderful venues in the Seattle area.

No storefront means no overhead for me and better prices for you. It also means that flowers are purchased for you and only you, allowing you to benefit from the freshest possible product. Attention and creativity is poured into making your event a memorable one, not just some pretty flowers in a vase.

While Joie de Vivre is my business and design is my passion, it all starts with the flower. Hope you enjoy my many ramblings.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kew Gardens

Our final expedition on our family vacation proved to be the climax of the trip, in the floral department, that is.  While leisurely perusing a gardening magazine in Scotland, an ad for Kew Gardens grabbed my attention. This ad was the catalyst for changing our itinerary to spend a few days in London before returning home to Louisiana. The ad was titled An Explosion of Color: Ignite your senses at Kew’s Tropical Extravaganza. Discover amazing floral displays inspired by fire, air, water and earth.  Couple that text with a splashy tropical graphic and this fish was hooked.  This is one case where words simply aren’t enough to describe the beauty we experienced at Kew Gardens.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

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