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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Importance of Planning and a Good Setup Crew

When many of us think about event flowers, we simply think about what we want the finished product to look like.  Of course we do, that is the bottom line.  We never really think about how that finished product will get to the venue in pristine condition, keeping in mind that we live in the land of the pothole.  That is the responsibility of the professional, yes, but credit should be passed on to that wonderful team that helps to make it happen.
I swear, loading a delivery van should never be underestimated when planning an event.  Often times, delivery and setup can be the most stressful part.  Always allow enough time to get it done (and keep the AC running).  Loading a van with numerous arrangements varying in size from huge to tiny is like building a puzzle; sometimes you have to shift and rearrange and try again.  They must be stable so when you hit that pothole you were trying to avoid, your flowers don't tumble down. When you have numerous table pieces, how will you unload them at the venue when you have only an hour to set up?  Yes a cart is a lifesaver, but it takes up precious cargo room.

Being a person that likes to do everything herself, this is a time when you must entrust a team of reliable workers.  Without a cohesive team that is quick on their feet, I’d be lost.  I am so lucky to have a few key people that I completely trust in getting a job done professionally and efficiently.  You know who you are, so thank you!
Finally having your own “bag of tricks” can be a lifesaver as well.  This weekend, Home Depot played a large role in my bag of tricks.  From plastic piping, to duct puddy, to self-amalgamating pipe tape to bug spray, oh let’s not forget river rocks and a garden spade, you never know what you will need when you get to a venue (yes, this was a wedding). That said, when planning, you try your best to think of everything.  So now I not only have my handy dandy hot pink tool bag, but I also have my trusty Homer bucket for all those extrasJ


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