Celebrate the joys of your life with Joie de Vivre.

Joie de Vivre brings freelance floral design to your Northshore, New Orleans and Baton Rouge events. We meet, discuss your vision and collaborate to make your floral idea a reality.

No storefront means no overhead for me and better prices for you. It also means that flowers are purchased for you and only you, allowing you to benefit from the freshest possible product. Attention and creativity is poured into making your event a memorable one, not just some pretty flowers in a vase.

While Joie de Vivre is my business and design is my passion, it all starts with the flower. Hope you enjoy my many ramblings.

Saturday, July 16, 2011



While Joie de Vivre is my business and floral design is my passion, it all starts with the flower.  Everywhere you turn it is possible to find nature’s beauty-- whether it be carnivorous flora flown in from Timbuktu at our local flower market, in an exotic design at a luxurious hotel lobby or a wonderful floral discovery on a leisurely afternoon hike.

 Sometimes we move so fast we miss the beauty that is right under our nose.  I hope that as this flower girl rambles away, my passion for nature’s beauty will be contagious.  Soon enough, you too will feel the same passion I feel upon discovering something beautiful.  So please, take a moment and smell the gardenia, or peony or honeysuckle or whatever flower it is that you are admiring.  Chances are, for that fleeting moment, that intoxicating fragrance will transport you to another world and bring a smile to your face (or it might make you sneeze if you are allergic or gasp if it’s skunk cabbage—but in any case it will make you smile and you will remember that moment…)
Joie de vivre translates to joy of living and I hope to bring that same joie de vivre to you through the art and beauty of flowers.

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