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No storefront means no overhead for me and better prices for you. It also means that flowers are purchased for you and only you, allowing you to benefit from the freshest possible product. Attention and creativity is poured into making your event a memorable one, not just some pretty flowers in a vase.

While Joie de Vivre is my business and design is my passion, it all starts with the flower. Hope you enjoy my many ramblings.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Euro Lounge

We were so excited to discover that North Bend has added a crepe shop to its collection of coffee shops and eateries.  Simon and I can’t get enough of the Euro Lounge.  I kid you not, we’ve been there at least three times this week.  Just a few doors down from the infamous Tweedes, Euro Lounge  will be your new favorite destination.  Whether you are experiencing an undeniable sweet tooth or just a need to relax with a cup of coffee, check it out.  You will be sure to be greeted with warm hospitality and wonderful treats.  
You might even see my flowers while you are at it.  I had a wonderful time designing these pieces.  When you find cool containers like these, its amazing how easily the inspiration flows!

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